Diamond painting is a relatively new hobby that has mushroomed especially since lockdown. It has similarities to cross-stitch and mosaics except that small beads (“diamonds”) about 2mm square are used to build a picture. It is a totally absorbing activity which many find relieves stress and anxiety. It’s an easy and enjoyable activity for young and old.

First we have one of our most popular Nairn photographs – the Bandstand in Winter. We can’t compete with mass-produced Chinese canvases, but these are from a UK based business and among the best quality canvases we’ve seen and will be supplied without creases! Full coverage with square drills.

Nairn Bandstand in the Snow

simulated image

The Kelpies in Falkirk

simulated image

Each pack includes everything you need – a high quality uncreased canvas, superior Entity Diamonds, bead tray, applicator pen, wax, tweezers and a 12-compartment box (to get you started) – and full instructions. Each kit is £34.95 incl. Free UK postage.

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